Best Fish Recipes for Dinner

Skewers of fish on the grill

1 kg red fish (fillet)
1-2 pc lemon
2 tbsp olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste
Green to taste
Servings: 5-6
Fish fillet washed and cut into portions.
Add chopped herbs, olive oil, salt and pepper. You can
also sprinkle with lemon juice. Stir and marinate for half an
Wooden skewers are wetted in water and don on them
We spread out the shish kebab on the grill, installed on
the brazier. Cook for about 1-2 minutes on each side so that
the fish is not burnt.
Ready shish kebab with fish put on the plate and
decorates with fresh herbs and vegetables. You can add

Shish kebab from salmon on the grill

0.8 -1 Kg salmon (fillets)
1.5 tsp salt
0.5 tsp black ground pepper
0.5 tsp curcuma
1 slice (2-3 cm) ginger
3-4 cloves garlic
1/2 pc lemon
1 tbsp soy sauce
1.5 tbsp vegetable oil
Servings: 1
Salmon fillet cut into cubes 3-4 cm.
The root of ginger is cleaned and finely chopped. Add
salt and ginger to the fish.
Add turmeric and black pepper.
Garlic is cleaned and let through garlic. Add garlic and
vegetable oil to the fish.
And add soy sauce with lemon juice.
Thoroughly mix and leave in the refrigerator for 1.5-2
Pass the skewer into the pieces of fish.
Fry on the grill. This fish is frying fast, so watch out for
the fire and turn the fish in time.
You can serve on skewers or on a dish, adding
vegetables, slices of lemon.

Shish kebab from cod

1 pc cod
1 pc red pepper
12 pc olives green
2 tbsp olive oil
Salt, spices to taste (black pepper, dried fragrant herbs,
curry, turmeric)
Servings: 3
Defrost the fish at room temperature and cut the fillets
from it.
Trim the skin, it’s tasteless and we will not need it. Cut
the finished fillets into pieces.
Spices put in a mortar and rub with a pestle.
Mix the spices and pieces of fish.
Cut the red peppers into square pieces.
String out to the wooden skewers the cod, pepper and
Lubricate the shish kebab with olive oil.
Put the shish kebabs on the grill or brazier.
Cook for three minutes on each side.
Ready shish kebabs served with a salad and lemon juice

Shish kebab from pike perch

2 Kg pike perch
0.5 L white wine
1 pc lemon juice
3 tsp mustard seeds
50 ml olive oil
1 tsp pepper fragrant ground
1 tbsp salt
2 tsp sugar
Servings: 5-7
Pike perch clear from scales, gutting, thoroughly rinsed.
Cut off the head and tail.
You can take out the backbone and bones, cut the fillets
into small pieces.
You can just fry fish steaks – however, in this case, you
have to cook shish kebab for a little longer. But fuss with
taking out the bones will be less.
Prepare marinade from wine, lemon juice, sugar, salt
and spices. Dip into it pieces of fish, stir and put in the cold
for 1 hour.
The pieces of fish put on to skewers and bake on
charcoal until ready.
Serve hot with a salad of fresh vegetables and white

Shish kebab in presidential style

2 Kg fillet of sturgeon
2 tbsp vegetable oil
2 tbsp honey
1 pc grapefruit (juice)
3 pc cardamom
1 tsp dry ginger
1 tsp mint dry
Salt, pepper to taste
Servings: 8-10
Cleanse fillet sturgeon. Remove the skin and bones by
cutting the fish along the ridge.
Combine all the ingredients except fish in a bowl for
Cut the fish into pieces and put in the marinade. Mix
After 2 hours you can fry the fish, putting on the
To fry shish kebab, on charcoals constantly turning,
that did not burn up to readiness.
Serve hot with vegetables and sauce

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