The analysis we performed should give an idea on what age groups are safer on roads and
what age groups are riskier. As fatal car crash data was easily available for the project we

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decided to pick this factor in order to evaluate drivers. There are many other factors that come
into play before making any final conclusion on what kind of drivers are risky.
Figure 1 provides information on what age groups are particularly risky compared to
others. It is interesting to note that with the increase in population there has been a decrease in
fatal crash rates from 2007-2011.
The percent range on the Y – axis may appear low, but this is a good thing, as it
represents the proportion of fatal crashes occurring in each age group from 2007 to 2011. The
crash rates are simply the number of drivers, involved in fatal crashes divided by the number of
licensed drivers in its respective age groups. This is derived from statistical data obtained from
the National Highway Administration.

Safe driving awareness and implementation of safety laws have enhanced safety levels.
However, an uninsured driver must not use this reason to stay uninsured. All drivers are exposed
to a certain risk while they are behind the wheel.
To check on our results we produced some quotes from one of the largest auto insurance
company in the United States, Liberty Mutual. If premium rates were solely based on fatal crash
rates teenagers should be priced the highest while age group of 55 – 64 years old drivers should
be priced the least. Fortunately the prices reflected our findings. Of course, rates are not based
solely on fatal crash rates; there are many other factors like property damage crash rates or injury
related crash rates that are considered during the underwriting procedure. But the trend is still
clear –younger drivers pay higher premiums than older drivers, and this is due at least in part to
the information we show above regarding the rate of fatal crashes.
Following is the graph of the fatal crash rates by age groups compared with the graph of
premium rates from Liberty Mutual in the state of Massachusetts. (Note that it is illegal to base
auto insurance rates on age in Massachusetts and some other states. Auto insurance companies

doing business in these states will typically quote drivers based on their experience level, which
as we discussed earlier is highly correlated to age – so this is how companies “get around” the
rules prohibiting use of age in determining premiums).

Figure 2: Average fatal crash rate 1994-2011 VS yearly auto insurance premium Note: Premium rates are produced from the company Liberty Mutual Auto Insurance.
The age labeled on the X – axis is the mid age of the age groups we considered except the
first two that are 19 and 22 years. These quotes were produced by setting the licensed age as 18
years old. The quote is based in Worcester, Massachusetts. Location is another important factor
and we will discuss this in a later section. A 19 year old teenager who obtained his driver’s
license at the age of 18 has the highest premium of $8,128 while a 60 year old driver has the
lowest premium of $1,812. This does correlate to the fatal crash rate but again fatal crash rate is
just one out of many factors considered while calculating premiums.

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