Some of the reasons for these crashes are reckless driving, speeding, drunk driving,
weather conditions, car condition, distracted driving etc. Massachusetts and Connecticut had the
lowest crash rate in the year 2011. California seen at the lower end of this graph is a surprise.

لديك أنترنيت ضعيف إنتضر وسيضهر الفيديو

California is the third largest state by area in the United States. If we look at the graph
(following), almost half of California is covered by forest and according to US Census, 5% of
California is urbanized while 95% is rural area.
0.000% 0.020% 0.040% 0.060% 0.080% 0.100% 0.120% 0.140% 0.160% 0.180%
Mississippi West Virginia North Dakota Arkansas Oklahoma Montana Wyoming Kentucky Alabama South Carolina New Mexico Tennessee Kansas Georgia Louisiana Texas Missouri North Carolina Iowa South Dakota Idaho Maine Pennsylvania Arizona Virginia Wisconsin Florida Nebraska Delaware Nevada Ohio Utah Indiana Maryland Colorado Michigan Oregon Vermont Minnesota Alaska Illinois Hawaii New Hampshire California New Jersey Washington Rhode Island New York Connecticut Massachusetts Dist. of Col.
Crash Rates
2011 -Fatal Crash Rates In Each State By Age Groups
24 & Under 25 – 34 35 – 44 45 – 54 55 – 64 65 – 74 > 74

It is very interesting to examine the states at left-most and right-most ends of the graph. One of
the difference we found between the extreme end states is the difference in rural and urban land.
States in the right-most end have the highest percentage of urban area whereas states at the left
most end have the highest percentage of rural area. Following is the table with information:
Top 5 States with most Crash Rates
Percent of land in Urban Areas
Percent of land in Rural Areas
Top 5 States with least Crash Rates
Percent of land in Urban Areas
Percent of land in Rural Areas 1. Mississippi 2.4 97.6 1. Massachusetts 38.3 61.7 2. West Virginia 2.7 97.3 2. Connecticut 37.7 62.3 3. North Dakota .3 99.7 3. New York 8.7 91.3 4. Arkansas 2.1 97.9 4. Rhode Island 38.8 61.3 5. Oklahoma 1.9 98.1 5. New Jersey 40 60 Table 2: Comparison of Top 5 states with most crash rates
Urbanized area have higher job opportunities than rural areas so workers tend to
commute to big cities and since top crash rate states like Mississippi, West Virginia, North
Dakota, Arkansas and Oklahoma have the lowest percentage of urban areas, it has a high rate of
commuters attracted towards big cities. As there would be more travelling from rural area to

urban area, fatal crashes are more likely to happen in these states than the ones that are more
urbanized like Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Jersey which is about 38%
with New York being an exceptional case.
Observe the following graph of 2011’s Rural vs. Urban fatalities due to car crashes. This
is the graph of fatalities instead of car crashes unlike other graphs that we studied.

Figure 11: 2011- rural vs urban fatalities

Yearly Premiums for Males Aged 22
Yearly Premiums for Males Aged 22 1. Mississippi $ 2783 1. Massachusetts $ 4055 2. West Virginia $ 2900 2. Connecticut $ 7017 3. North Dakota $ 3488 3. Washington $ 4304 4. Arkansas $ 2941 5. New Jersey $ 4177 5. Oklahoma $ 3230 Tables 3: least urbanized states vs. highly urbanized states
States that are highly urbanized have higher premium rates however, most of the car
crash fatalities occur in least urbanized states. It is interesting to know what other factors the
2011 -Rural Vs. Urban Fatalities
Urban Rural

insurance companies consider while calculating these premiums. Most crash rates states have
high rural land but least premium rates while least crash rate states are highly urbanized but high
premium rates. Drivers living in urbanized states could be exposed to other risk factors like car
theft, minor accident damages, vandalism, etc. These factors may outweigh the fatal crash rate in
rural areas and thus have higher premium rates than the states that are least urbanized.
We have found out some factors that would be considered in pricing the auto insurance,
and we made all the conclusions that are supported by the data. However, it is not hard to know
that there are a large number of deaths caused by the car accident, and majority part is teenager.
As we know, most of the teenagers do not have life insurance, and it will bring a big loss to the
family if their young kids died in car accident. Therefore, we brainstormed a new product that
might interest most of the clients, which is that we want to ask customer to use a few dollar to
buy life insurance when they are buying Auto insurance. This insurance would cover death to
fatal car accidents, and would not be very expensive.
Since it is a brand new product, we want to research more relative data to make sure if it
would be implemented effec

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