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Gender: Gender is a non-driving related factor that is used by many insurance companies to underwrite their policies, be it health insurance or auto insurance. But if one insurer charged the same for both genders, that company would lose all its female customers to companies that made تم التحميل إضغط الأن للتشاهد الفيديو a distinction ….  Read More


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To be able to calculate an X year old driver’s fatal crash probability, we attempted to fit a fourth degree polynomial to the fatal crash rate curve and this is how it fits:. Figure 3: Graph of age VS average fatal crash rate from 1994-2011 Following are some test values to the formula we generated: ….  Read More


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The analysis we performed should give an idea on what age groups are safer on roads and what age groups are riskier. As fatal car crash data was easily available for the project we إضغط هنا ليضهر الفيديو decided to pick this factor in order to evaluate drivers. There are many other factors that come ….  Read More

عاجل بالفيديو صدام حسين حي يرزق وهو الأن في العراق !

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One of the characteristics of Actuaries is to be able to look at the past and predict the future using statistical features. In auto insurance companies, Actuaries predict how likely it is for a particular driver to file a claim and the cost related to the claim. Based on the prediction of the cost, expenses ….  Read More